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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

How much faster is the iPhone 8 Plus than the iPhone 7 Plus?

With Apple's iPhone 8 models coming to stores on Friday, we're about to be bombarded with a barrage of video testing designed to show how fast and long-lasting Apple models are in its new generation 8 series Manzana.

The YouTuber MadMatt has posted an interesting speed test that faces Apple iPhone 8 Plus against last year's model, iPhone 7 Plus. Let's see how they behave both .

After viewing the video, we see that the iPhone 8 Plus can start something faster than its predecessor. When it comes to opening applications, there is not much difference between the two devices . When running Geekbench, the iPhone 8 Plus registered with a unique core score of 4264 versus 3445 for the iPhone 7 Plus.

The multicore score, however, got an even bigger differential with the iPhone 8 Plus with a score of 10396, while the iPhone 7 Plus was recorded with a score of 5691. Apple's A11 bionic chip is a true beast in all the senses.

Aora, to be fair, the iPhone 7 Plus with A10 fusion chip is a serious competitor in its own right. That way, you'll appreciate the extra power offered by the iPhone 8 Plus when running processor-intensive applications such as applications based on augmented reality that, not surprisingly, are increasingly populating the App Store.

By the way, Apple told an American media earlier this week that the A11 chip name, known as "Bionic" was simply chosen for marketing purposes. And while some might understandably make fun of the name, what Apple has managed to pull out here is really remarkable. Not only is the A11 a great improvement over the A10 Fusion, it also leaves Android devices biting the dust .

Well, let's hope that after watching the video you have been able to draw your own conclusions about the work that makes this new processor, true star of the Californian brand . We look forward to you in the next article.

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