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Thursday, 28 September 2017

How much will it cost you to repair your iPhone from today?

The terror of every smartphone user of big screen, it will break the glass of our phone . Of course there are also other dangers that would terrify even the toughest of technology lovers, such as a battery failure or water damage. Who would want to go through something like that?

Unfortunately, if the worst has already happened, we should contact the Apple repair service. This service will allow us to repair our phone by paying what it costs to repair this. Or if the damage is covered by the warranty, we will have a free repair from Apple.

How much will it cost to repair the phone? 

The prices for the repair of the screens of these devices are not too high , at least in the aspect of the screens and the battery, unfortunately if the damage is different (like water or other broken component) the value goes up a lot . These damages are classified into 3 types: screen repair, battery repair and other repair.

Model Repair screen Repair battery Everything else
iPhone 8 Plus € 201.10 89 € € 451.10
iPhone 8 € 181.10 89 € € 401.10
iPhone 7 Plus € 201.10 89 € € 401.10
iPhone 7 € 181.10 89 € € 371.10
iPhone 6s Plus € 201.10 89 € € 391.10
iPhone 6s € 181.10 89 € $ 351.10
iPhone 6 Plus € 201.10 89 € € 391.10
Iphone 6 € 161.10 89 € $ 351.10
iPhone SE € 161.10 89 € € 311.10
Iphone 5s € 161.10 89 € € 311.10
Iphone 5c € 161.10 89 € € 311.10
iPhone 5 € 161.10 89 € € 311.10
Iphone 4s € 241.10 89 € € 241.10

As we can see in the iPhone 8 Plus for example, the price of the repair of the screen are 201.10 euros, quite reasonable given the size of this and the features it includes , in addition to being an official technical service. But if we look at damages for any other type of accident ( including damage to the rear of the new iPhone ), the sum amounts to 451.10 euros, much more than double.

On the other hand, damage to the battery is covered by the warranty provided that it remains in force. If it is not, it will cost us in any iPhone model the figure of 89 euros , something that is appreciated if our device (and us) is suffering problems with the battery.

Finally, it should be noted that any other damages that Apple considers irreparable (whether by accident or unauthorized modifications), it will become imperative to purchase a replacement of the device and you will not receive any compensation from Apple or any help with said replacement, you must pay the whole phone if you want to recover it.

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