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Thursday, 7 September 2017

How to become a selfie with 3D Touch

In the year 2015 we had the implementation of a novelty in an already novel phone, the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. It was none other than 3D Touch, a system by which and when exerting force on the screen of the device, some functions are activated .

This technology was not a flower of a morning and has come to stay. Apple dubbed their 3D Touch gestures with two nice names, Peek and Pop .

-Peek, the first of the two new gestures, allows to see a certain content of a fast form, simply exerting a slight pressure on the screen. Very used when we want to see some photo of a digital newspaper, it is something like a preview .

-Pop, the second of them, is always used after the first and serves to open completely that content that we had opened as a preview. To make pop you have to do a little more pressure on the screen .

Well, this technology can be used in many areas and one of them is photography. Selfies, or self-portraits, are the sensation of an entire generation . The development of large front cameras has allowed us to no longer be those noisy snapshots to which we were accustomed.

Well to make yourself a selfie using 3D Touch technology you have it very easy. Just follow these steps:

- Pop the icon on the Camera .

-Select Make a selfie and you already have it.

We explain it graphically here, from the official Apple support page.

Do you really use 3D Touch or is it something you have not yet internalized? We want to read your opinions in comments. Until the next article.

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