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Monday, 18 September 2017

How to choose the perfect iPhone and not die trying

The keynote of the week ending has brought new models to choose from. In fact, we have at our disposal more iPhone now than ever before. If you are thinking about moving to Apple, or you are already an active user of the brand and want to change models, we have prepared this article that I hope can be of help .

Choose iPhone X

We still do not have it between us, in fact we will not start to see it in the streets until November 3. This model, the top of the brand and has everything, has the disadvantage of its high price, 1159 and 1329 euros depending on the capacity. If you have the possibility to pay it without inconveniences is the expert in sweet of the house . The Face ID and OLED screen edge to edge of 5.8 inches make it enviable. If you want to connect to the Apple website very early that day, there will be problems of excessive demand.

Choose iPhone 8

You are looking for a mobile with the same processor features of the iPhone X, a great camera, wireless charge and a manageable size. You come from a relatively old phone like an iPhone 5S or an iPhone 6 and you just want to be up to speed. Do not hesitate.

Choose iPhone 8 Plus

You look the same as in the previous one but you prefer a bigger screen, of 5.5 inches and you are a lover of the photography, you want to surprise with your snapshots. It strikes you to try the portrait mode and you want to go to the last one. If you have an iPhone 7 Plus, I would not give the jump (opinion is very personal), unless your hype can .

Choose the iPhone 7

You are looking for a reputable phone, at a price significantly lower than the last launch, which gives very good results and has been a sales success despite some initial doubts. An average screen size and you seek resistance to water and dust , like your bigger brother.

Choose the iPhone 7 Plus

You look the same as the iPhone 7 and the extra screen, you need as in the iPhone 8 Plus an excellent camera, a fast processor and if you are a player , a gig of extra RAM compared to the normal model.

Choose the iPhone 6S

You do not want to pay as much as with Apple's novelties and you like the rounded design of the brand, you want the reliability of a model with 2 years of experience in the market and 3D Touch.

Choose the iPhone 6S Plus

You need the same as with the iPhone 6S (reliability, great performance, very good camera) but your thing are the big phones and see everything in a large screen Retina. You want to experience 3D Touch.

Choose the iPhone SE

You love the small screen size (4 inches), you do not need the 3D Touch and you're looking for an all-terrain with a very powerful processor. You want the quality of Apple, the reliability of iOS, access with footprint and pay a tighter price, since you have it from 419 euros. And yes, it is a great device . 

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