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Sunday, 24 September 2017

How to convince an Android to come to iPhone

Those of us who use an iPhone for years think that beyond Apple there is no life. I am aware that, at the time of writing this article, an interesting debate can be generated. Let's see, I'm not going to overturn a consolidated OS like Android. It is also used by 84 percent of the world's population . But there may be some droid thinking about moving to the "dark side of the block." If you are one of them, I hope to finish convincing you.

Design and construction

The iPhone are very aesthetically beautiful, and the quality of their materials is always excellent . It is true that there were some models that used the plastic (iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 5C), but are already part of the past.

They form an indissoluble tandem, a software made to measure of the telephone that you have in hand. An iPhone may become obsolete over the years, but it will never go wrong. In addition to that, iOS is an easy to use system , increasingly configurable and with surprising stability.

App Store

A very well-stocked and increasingly secure application store. Apple is taking care of removing fake apps or that they can not have any effect on their devices .


The customer service of the company is simply impeccable . If you have the iPhone under warranty and there is some problem to the brand , be sure that they will solve it as soon as possible. And many times, you do not have to stay without a phone thanks to the AppleCare express service.


Much is being talked about the scandalous prices of the new iPhone X, but nobody says it is not worth it. What you can not do is compare to an iPhone, whatever, with an Android 200 euros. We remember that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is priced at 1010 euros, and is a great device . And yes, we can then compare to Note 8 with an iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhone X, since they play the similar leagues .

You can have a good iPhone for little money

If you want to make the leap to the mark, has the iPhone SE for only 419 euros, which can cost a mid-high-end Android. And I assure you that it is a very recent technology phone that gives great results .

Lower loss of value

The iPhone does not usually depreciate as much as an Android nor so fast. They are a safe value when reselling it. You can ask who sells your iPhone 7 now to buy the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X.


You can work perfectly compatibilizing the contents of your iPad, Mac, Watch or iPod. Everything is advantages and it is true that it shows.

As you may have been able to verify, it is not in my mind to toss Android to the ground, although for me it is a system that I do not like at all and I am part of that 16 percent that uses iOS . However, tastes and needs must be different. Just be careful if you bite the apple, you can fall on this dark side.

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