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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

How to correctly save the cables of your iPhone and iPad, enough of tangles!

We all have, have had or will have a drawer full of tangled cables from devices we do not even use anymore. Has it happened to you too? Do not worry! Today we will explain different methods to save and organize the cables of the adapters and the chargers of your iPhone, your iPad, your iPod and your Mac. It is easier than it seems!

Although Apple is opting for a future without cables after removing the 3.5 mm jack plug for the EarPods, launching its new AirPods and implementing the wireless charging system; the company continues to sell all kinds of accessories with cables such as chargers, docks, adapters ...

If you do not want to get out of your nerves trying to untangle the wires of cables wherever you have them, we offer you three different options for storing your cables in a much more orderly, clean and efficient way . Shall we begin? To the mess!

1. A drawer and hair rubbers 

The first method is the simplest but also the most affordable. All you need is a drawer of a piece of furniture that is located in one of the rooms where soles use more your devices and a bag of gummy hair. You can also use worn rolls of toilet paper, separators and plastic sachets.

This method requires a lot of love and affection, since every time you finish loading your iPhone or your iPad you have to rewind your cables in a gum and store them in the drawer . But once you get used to it, you'll appreciate it.

2. A special cable bag 

There are accessories like this wallet specially designed to store the cables of your devices. For example, this useful portfolio has different sections that have a top band and a lower mesh to store and organize cables. In addition, there is plenty of room for other adapters and accessories.

Price: $ 20.95
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3. Cable management accessories

In the following video we will recommend a series of ideas to save and organize the cables of your iPhone, your iPad and your iPod: special rubber, adhesive supports and much more. Have a good look! 

And you, how do you organize and guard your cables? We are waiting for you in the comments!

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