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Saturday, 2 September 2017

How to create and share GIFs on Facebook from iPhone and iPad

The photographs can say many things without using a single word , but many times we had to resort to small videos to show all the details that in a simple photo was not possible to see. When GIFs came into our lives everything changed and the use of GIFs grew exponentially in a very short time.

GIFs have become the best way to express ourselves with images and already fill the forums and group chats around the world. On the net you can find hundreds of thousands - possibly millions - to use, but you do not always find the one you want exactly and it's best to create your own.
How to create GIFs with the Facebook application

Facebook guys know that the easiest way to share GIFs in your application is to be able to create them from it, without relying on third-party applications to do so. Therefore, they have included a simple editor to create GIFs and to be able to add effects to give them that particular touch of each one.

Creating your own GIF is extremely simple:

  •     Slide the main screen - where the feeds are - to the right or simply touch the camera icon at the top of the screen.
  •     Select the GIF option at the top.

  •  Press the button to start recording, which will consist of a two-second loop .
  • Now, once recorded, you can choose to add masks, effects, emoji, stickers, text or draw by hand on the GIF itself . Of course, you can also save it on the photo reel .

Once the GIF is created you can send it to friends, add it to a story or publish it on your wall. Currently, this new feature of Facebook is being deployed to all users - some may not yet have it - and is only available in the Android and iOS application, it can not be used from the web itself .

Do you already have the function available? What did you think? Leave us your comments. 

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