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Friday, 29 September 2017

How to draw in Photos with Notes on iOS 11

This great update that is iOS 11 has meant a major change in the operation of many of the apps installed by default on our devices. From the App Store, to the Notes app, we have seen how Cupertino's have updated their mobile operating system with features that were already missing . Especially because they were falling behind with respect to competing apps.

Today, again, we will focus on the Notes app, although nothing has also discovered a little trick we found in the Photos app, which we leave here . This time, it is also related to our photos, but maybe it is something a little more fun than organizing the photos. Because it is always entertaining to fill them with scribbles .

A couple of touches ... and that's it!

That's right, with the new update of Notes app, you can draw in all your pictures without any problem. In order to do so, you only have to drag a photograph from any source compatible with the new drag and drop gesture in a note. You can also touch the + icon that you will find in one of the corners and then to Fototeca to select the one that you like the most, the way you do it is already at the user's liking, as always.

Once you have done this, you will only have to touch it, and select the icon with a marker in the upper right corner. Once you have done it, you can draw everything you want in your images. And then, to save them, you only have to touch the icon of OK that you will find in the corner. When you find out, it's something really simple, however, Apple has not done a great job at first.

And you, have you started to "review" your photos?

Via | Cult of Mac

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