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Saturday, 9 September 2017

How to Fix Broken Screen on Your iPhone

Sometimes it happens, you have your phone in your hands and for whatever reason that escapes our logic ends on the ground. These things happen and the seconds that elapse between the fall and the inspection of damages are eternal. Finally the suspicions are confirmed, or you have a crack from side to side , a simple peck or worse, the glass has exploded.

I've broken the screen on my iPhone What should I do? How can I solve that?

Do not panic and evaluate the damage.

Is it completely broken? Is it just a crack? Some cracked screens do not really have a bad prognosis, while others make us shudder. There are broken iPhone screens with a single small crack or two that do not remove the usability of the device at all , and in those situations it is best to ignore them, and you may not even want to replace it if that little crack is not affecting the use of the device and it is not a danger.

And then there are the broken screens of the iPhone where the glass has cracked completely and the screen is destroyed, with fragments of glass protruding. When an iPhone screen breaks this bad, it is normal not to sit idly by and act. Everything has a solution .

Beware of broken glass

Watch out for broken glass! If your iPhone screen has broken enough so that the glass fragments are detached, be careful. Those broken fragments of screen glass are extremely sharp, small, fragile, and dangerous *. Using a screen protector is good in case of breakage, as it helps to keep the crystals together in case of breakage.

If you have had the bad luck to break the screen and have a protector on, do not take it off. The reason is simple, when removing it you can take with him some pieces of glass and make a future repair difficult, besides you can cut yourself.

Investigate iPhone screen repair options

There are several possibilities for repair if you have had the misfortune to break the screen, since Apple repairs it, that a specialized trade does or try it yourself. The official screen repair price table in Apple is as follows:

We must recognize that the price Apple charges for repairing or replacing a screen is not economical, but it is obvious that they are the best service they will give you, those who know the phone better and those who guarantee you a replacement of quality similar to broken . you can also rate the option of some service authorized by Apple for these cases, if an Apple Store takes you away.

You do not have to go to Apple directly to change the iPhone screen, there are many shops on offer. There are many screen repair and replacement services out there, but some of them may use lower quality third party components that can give poor touch screen performance. For some older iPhone models it may not matter so much but for a newer iPhone I think it's worth having a high quality Apple display installed properly by a certified technician.

Get in touch with Apple and repair broken iPhone screen

The Apple Care express service is excellent and very convenient. Apple charges your credit card for the full value of a new iPhone and sends you a new one. When you receive it, you can restore data from one to another, and then send the broken device back to Apple. Once Apple receives the broken iPhone, they release the hold of the credit card, and then they invoice you for the price of the repair . This is fast, easy, efficient and perhaps most importantly, you are never without a phone during the entire repair process and you can easily transfer all your data to the new device.

You can also take your iPhone to an Apple store and start the repair there, either by fixing it the same day, changing it in the Apple Store or any other repair option. Or you can take your iPhone to an authorized Apple repair and service center and have them take a look and give you options. What you do depends on you.

If your iPhone is not under warranty and you have the broken screen repaired through Apple, you may be out of the phone for a few days while it is being fixed, or you can get an iPhone loan during the repair period. This really depends on multiple factors, contact Apple or an authorized repair center to know your options, as each situation is unique.

Home DIY, try it yourself

There are plenty of replacement kits on both Amazon and iFixit . The issue is that the latest iPhone models are not easy to repair, at least for someone with little experience. The possibility that something does not end up going well is high. It's something I do not recommend , and less if you have the iPhone under warranty. If this happens, you manipulate it and then you can not get it back to work, Apple is not going to answer for you. The self repair option was not bad on models up to the 4S, for higher models I do not recommend it at all.

Be proactive

No one is safe from breaking the screen, accidental falls are the order of the day. But you can protect yourself effectively, using a case and a screen protector. When you drive your phone think about what it's worth and what it costs you to get it. It is a delicate device, treat it with care . And in another order of things, consider the possibility of hiring a mobile insurance that covers these contingencies, maybe for a little money more a month you have good coverage.

Have you ever broken your iPhone screen? Did you repair it through Apple or a repair center? What's your experience? Tell it in comments.

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