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Friday, 1 September 2017

How to have 2 WhatsApp accounts on an iPhone (without Jailbreak)

Sure you've been curious at some point in your life to have two WhatsApp accounts. The first for family and friends, and the second for work - or whatever you want, here we do not judge ... -. However, the sad news hit you in the nose: you can not have the same app installed twice. At least not until now .

In this article we are going to leave the necessary instructions so that you have your two WhatsApp accounts on the same iPhone , and the best thing is that you do not need to have Jailbreak or anything like that. Of course, you have to have a different number to assign to the second application.

1. Before installing WhatsApp ++ ... 

To get started, you'll first need to download an app called TutuApp on your iPhone . This application would work just like the App Store, the difference being that it offers us free apps and apps that we would not find in the Apple App Store. Calm down, there's nothing to fear here.

Just follow these steps from your iPhone to install the TutuApp store:

  •     Enter the page of TutuApp and click on the tab called "Regular" , which we will find in the upper right.
  •     Click Download Now .
  •     Click on " Click to immediate ".
  •     Touch Install and you're done. From the Home screen you will see how the app is installed. 

2. Grant the permits to TutuApp 

Before we can use the application first we will have to grant the permissions that will assure the operating system that this is a safe and reliable app. For this, we will have to do the following :

  •     We go to the iPhone Settings .
  •     We tap in General .
  •     Next, touch the Device Management option.
  •     We click on Guangzhou Yingnuo Information and we grant the permissions touching on Trust . 

Once this is done, we can proceed to install WhatsApp ++ on our device.

3. Installing WhatsApp ++ 

Already almost, we have only install WhatsApp ++ and its subsequent configuration. To install it we only have to do the following :

  •     Once we are in TutuApp, we will look for WhatsApp ++ in the search bar.
  •     We will install it as we would with an app from the App Store.
  •     Let the application install on your iPhone . 

And ready. When the application is already installed on your phone, simply open it and configure it as if it were the official application.
WhatsApp ++ offers us extra features 

WhatsApp ++ in addition to letting us add a new account to our mobile device, also lets us customize the application however we want . There are multiple options that you will surely find useful, such as changing the color of the app, adding themes, changing the settings of the stories, and many more things.

The app is not at all complicated to use. The interface is almost identical to that of the official WhatsApp , so you should not have too much trouble getting it. 

So easy you can have two WhatsApp accounts at a time on your iPhone. In a few steps you'll be ready to send and receive messages on your new phone number.

How many WhatsApp accounts do you usually use? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | Bad life 

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