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Thursday, 28 September 2017

How to know how long they have been ignoring you in WhatsApp

Unfortunately, modern life has also brought us some disgust, such as the already mythical double blue tick that indicates that indeed, the message has already reached our receiver and also read us . Whether they respond or not, is no longer our business. We just have to show our patience and wait. That is why many users have opted to deactivate that option and live more calmly .

But how do you know when a message was read? Knowing when it was sent is simple, since it comes out in the timeline of the chat. Here's a trick to do it.

How long have they been ignoring me in WhatsApp?

As we said before, WhatsApp is full of tools that we do not know and that will allow us to obtain much more information. For this, we are going to show you a screen that very few people know: the information of the message .

In each message you send there is a " message info " in which you can see when it was delivered to the recipient and also the specific date on which it was read or reproduced. Take note.

1) Open any chat, regardless of whether it is an individual or a group

2) Swipe to the left a message sent by you.

3) Et voilà! You access the screen that allows us to see all the information we are looking for:

As you can see, the time to which it has been delivered is shown and the exact time it was read . If you have the blue double tick of read notification disabled, you will not be able to check it. But then we make an additional recommendation: send an audio. With audios, no matter if they have the blue tick on or off, the playback time will always appear.

Via | Betech 

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