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Monday, 11 September 2017

How to know which applications are drunk on the iPhone or iPad

Battery ... Back to the Achilles heel of our iPhone and iPad. Many times we do not know with which applications the battery goes to us and we blame "the usual", even using them less frequently so as to have enough battery during the day. Luckily, we have a way to look at which applications consume battery and thus to focus the energy drainage problem that our device suffers. All easily and quickly.

Locating leeches

Well yes, let's say that certain applications are the leeches of iOS, totally insatiable sucking every mAh of our battery. It would be easier to have large batteries and "force" the developers to meet a minimum so that their applications have moderate battery consumption. That's where I left it, in case Tim Cook himself was reading this article ... -Why not?

But until this Utopia is fulfilled, we will be satisfied to review the consumptions from the iOS adjustments. Reviewing this data is simple, accessible to anyone, and gives more information than is believed. We can see the percentage of battery consumed by each application, the minutes that have been on the screen and those that have been running in the background. All this data for the last 24 hours and for the last 3 days. Just follow these steps.

    Enter Settings -> Battery

 Below we have 3 tabs: Last 24 hours, Last 3 days and an icon of a clock. The first two are quite clear, consumptions in percentage of the last 24 hours and the last 3 days. With the clock icon, in addition, we can visualize the time that the application has been on screen and in the background

We must be careful when judging an application by running time in the background. There are applications such as podcast players or music that have minimal consumption in the background. For example, I would consume thirty minutes more of WhatsApp in the background than an hour of Music application. Taking that as a base, with the information that iOS gives us is enough to be able to locate those applications that leave us without battery quickly.
Which applications consume more?

Although it is somewhat relative, as it depends on the use that is given to each application, there are certain applications with great addiction to drink battery. Many of them are in common use and, in my case, after trying to be one or two days without using them I noticed a great improvement in the battery life. But of course, they are applications that you can not do without to be connected with family and friends ... Personally these are the ones that consume me the most, but there are many more .

  •      Facebook: This is the undisputed queen , even above WhatsApp. It is not enough to take up too much space or to consume more space even with your cache, you also drink the battery. My advice is that you use Facebook via web, you will notice improvement quickly.
  •     WhatsApp: another application of great consumptions. We are hooked all day and that has a drastic impact on the battery . Here I can only advise to switch to Telegram, which, in addition to a better performance, consumes considerably less battery. Here the problem is to convince your contacts to change ... Suicidal mission. 

Now that you have all the data, what are you waiting for to check which applications consume you the most battery? 

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