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Friday, 15 September 2017

How to make a screenshot on iPhone X

Taking captures with a smartphone is definitely something important. In a quick way we can save something to use later, or simply share with someone what we are seeing on the screen of our phone. Normally, to take a screenshot on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you have to press the Power button and the Home button at the same time, but obviously the iPhone X is different , it does not have a Home button.

How do we take captures to our screen on the new iPhone X? 

It's a tricky question since the iPhone X will not ship and deliver to buyers until November 3 (quite a while, really). Once you receive it, you will have to re-learn to use iOS again , that means that you must memorize and normalize certain gestures that at the beginning will become uncomfortable.

Of course, taking screenshots is still easy on the iPhone X , but as iMore confirmed, the Home button is replaced by the volume up button. That means you still have to press two buttons at a time to take a catch.

How will the catches be?

The bad side of these captures is that the iPhone X literally lacks a piece of screen on the top of the device and from what has been seen in the iPhone X simulator, is not too aesthetic.

Anyway, not all developers agree that there will be that gap and bet on some catches in which the gap will be filled with the color of the menus.

Be that as it may, we really will not know anything true until November. This new iPhone is fraught with fears and questions that were not clarified at the WWDC (in fact, many fears were worsened). Without a doubt it is a new and very advanced iPhone that will have much to offer us, but to know it well we will have to wait for us to November.

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