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Sunday, 24 September 2017

How to scan QR codes with iOS 11

iOS 11 has not only brought with it colorful and popular new features, but it has included a series of functions that will make life a little easier . We just have to know them to be able to squeeze the full potential of our iPhone.

It is always appreciated that Apple is able to incorporate these small functions that make us easier to use the iPhone and save us the need to install more applications on it. Today we are going to talk about how to scan QR codes on an iPhone with iOS 11 is tremendously simple. Since Apple did not do it in the WWDC17, we bring it to you.

How to scan QR codes on iOS 11

With iOS 11, all you have to do on your iPhone to read a QR code is this:

    Open the Camera app

    Focus the QR code with the camera


    You should see a notification at the top that suggests you perform the action for which the QR code has been created.


At last! Goodbye to absurd applications to read a simple code . You will no longer occupy megs of your iPhone to read QR codes. Thanks to iOS 11 if you ever find a QR code on the street, just open your camera and go to the web or application you prefer.
What can contain a QR code

With a QR code you can identify an element of your inventory, go to a web page, save a client's contact data, store your medical data and a huge etcetera. They are very powerful tools for our communication that saves us introducing text of some complexity in our iPhone.
Try it for yourself

If you have iOS 11 on your iPhone and want to try this new feature we leave here the QR code that redirects to our blog. What less than giving you a code to see how easy it is to scan it with iOS 11!

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