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Friday, 8 September 2017

iCloud fallen: can you enter your Apple email or have problems?

Following Apple's developer Web site problems yesterday, which made it suspect that it had been targeted by hackers, tonight numerous users around the world have shown their discomfort in social networks by not being able to access email which Apple supplies with the cloud service , iCloud Mail.

These complaints have happened throughout the afternoon and evening, ensuring that they could not even enter iCloud Mail from both iCloud.com and Mail , the native app integrated into iOS and macOS devices. Other users also report not being able to send or receive messages.

From the iCloud.com website, users are simply not charged for mail. After a timeout, a message appears on the screen that says:

    Mail can not be loaded. There was a problem loading the application.

On the other hand, from Mail, Mac users receive the following message:

    There could be a problem with the mail server or the network. Check your iCloud account settings or try again.

The server also returns an error message:

    The IMAP "LOGIN" command failed with a server error: service temporarily unavailable.

However, the Apple website does not reflect any type of message regarding incidents in iCloud services and the company itself has not even responded to the huge amount of tweets it has received in the account @AppleSupport

Have you had problems in the last hours with your iCloud mail or have you been able to access normally? In any case, the good news is that at this time everything seems to have returned to normal.

Via | 9to5Mac 

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