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Thursday, 7 September 2017

If the iPhone 8 is so expensive it is because of Samsung

Leaving aside the great confusion that exists around the name of the next iPhone, which makes us doubt whether it will be called iPhone Edition, iPhone X, or iPhone 8, the phone that will come has many more virtues than the mystery that surrounds it. Built with the latest technology on the market , Apple plans to introduce one of the world's most advanced phones next September 12, and expectations are really high.

From a new design, which will delight all those looking for a phone with a large screen in a content size, to a completely new screen based on OLED technology, everything is thought to the millimeter to give us a whole new experience. Never before had we seen such a big jump compared to previous models of the line, and Samsung had also not known such an important source of income for its panel division.

Samsung Display is the only OLED panel manufacturer that is available for Apple

As I said, the new iPhone 8 will carry a new technology in its panel, known as OLED. This is able to give a really incredible contrast , thanks to which each diode is able to generate its own light, and therefore, to shut off if necessary. In this way, we have purer blacks than ever. However, they have a but, and it is that they force the company to rely on a single supplier, Samsung Display, which of course, will not prioritize the Apple model over its own terminals.

For this reason, Apple will not be able to meet the demand of the new device on a regular basis, which causes them to increase the price of their terminals, following the classic law of supply and demand, not counting the overcharge that the company puts to all its products . Anyway, I would say that although LG could already contribute to the fabrication of the panels, Apple would look for another method to increase the sale price of the next models, but for now, they have an excuse to handle.

And you, do you think OLED technology deserves this high price? Even though it's really close to the TVs that use that same technology?

Via | MacRumors

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