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Sunday, 17 September 2017

If you want the Apple Watch 3 to call, you'll have to wait

Of course we will have the Apple Watch Series 3 on September 22, as announced by Apple on its website. But it will appear offline 4G. All those who want the Cellular version should wait until 2018 .

The Apple Watch Series 3 has not caused such a stir as the iPhone 8 or iPhone X, however the improvements are remarkable : in addition to having a faster processor and spend less battery , the software is improved and Siri for the first time speaks inside your clock. It also has a better microphone and can work independently of your iPhone whenever the 4G version of the watch.

Where can I buy the 4G version? 

During the WWDC announcement, they specified ten countries in which version 4G could be acquired from minute one : United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Puerto Rico and Switzerland.

It does not mean that we can not buy ours, in fact, if we go to the Apple page we can book it right now, but without a 4G connection . We can purchase the aluminum model until we have the 4G version available in Spain, since the stainless steel and Apple Watch Edition have no option without Cellular.

But we must not lose hope, official Apple sources say the Apple Watch Series 3 with cell connection will bequeath to Spain . Of course, in 2018. No one has assured the exact dates but surely the reasons for this delay are because they must agree with the operators the activation of the virtual SIM that incorporates the clock.

For our Latin American readers there is also good news, Apple also confirmed that the device with 4G connection will arrive in Mexico in 2018 and surely more places in Latin America, but neither have set any date.

Source | hypertextual.com 

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