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Friday, 15 September 2017

Increase the speed of your Android without rooting it

We all like our terminal to go like silk. When we find a slow and clumsy smartphone the only feeling that comes to us is the irritation. That is why today we are going to teach you how to increase the speed of android without rooting it. Not everyone knows or wants to rootear your phone, that is why it is necessary to bring options for everyone.

How to increase android speed

We have brought some basic steps for you to follow. Do not worry because we will be attentive in the comments to answer your doubts. So, let's get down to business:
Manage internal storage well

The most important thing about an Android is its internal storage. It is the physical memory that an Android uses to store all applications. Therefore, it is always better to choose an Android that has an internal storage capacity that fits our needs. So, if you use many applications, managers and others, choose one that comes well equipped.

Clean the trash

Our Android stores temporary files that are stored on our phone. If this storage space exceeds the standard limit, then we will have performance problems. You have to clear the cache of your phone and all those files that are stored.

Install necessary apps 

Sometimes opulence is not the best option. We have thousands of applications in the market and most are free. What causes this ?, then let us go down and try like crazy. This results in saturation and therefore, problems in the performance of our phone.

Removes unnecessary widgets 

As we told you in the previous step, let the air run. Install what you need and everything you are going to use. Think, observe and choose which are all those you need.

Update Firmware 

As with your computer's drivers, updating is necessary. In fact it is the phone itself that warns you and recommends that you do so. I know that sometimes we vacillate and we are lazy, but in this case we must win; total, is to give two buttons on a screen!
Restarts often 

We all need a break. In our case the options are clear, as with the mobile phone. Restart the phone every day, better if you get used to doing it at the same time. Just as we need to sleep to put our thoughts, the smartphone also requires having a moment of peace.


Ccleaner is useful because it is a complete toolbox. It helps to clean, place and erase unnecessary data. This is not the first time you have recommended it to you and it is probably not the last.

Do you have any doubts ?, do you want to suggest that we do some tutorial ?, do not get cut !, we love to know what you think. Get in touch with us. Finally, I want to thank you for your visit and encourage you to use the comment box. Either in this article or in the social network Google+ . I'll say goodbye and wish you a happy day. 

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