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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

iOS 11 all new features of the new update for iPhone and iPad

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, officially presented during WWDC June 5 to iOS 11, which is loaded with news and is intended to command the actions of Apple users worldwide. Let's review the main news.

iOS 11 brings novelties in the form of functions and interface , such as a new Control Center, improvements in iMessage, advances in Apple Pay, a much better Siri wizard or new features for the camera. But that's not all, so join us to discover them .

Control center

This Control Center can be customized and compatible with 3D Touch technology , allowing you to add more control commands. It can be said that it is one of the novelties star of this operating system.


The Notifications panel shows you the notifications of today and if you slide your finger up it shows you a screen with notifications of previous days. Sliding from the bottom edge you can close the notifications panel and return to Start. You can also select whether you want to show notifications previews whenever, when, or never . Now everything is even easier .

Keyboard for one-handed use

A demand already wanted by iOS users, when you are writing a text and holding down the emoji key you can use this option , ideal for users with small hands or those who have a Plus model. iOS 11 is going to solve this problem, which is a great novelty .


iMessage will allow synchronization with iCloud , so that deleting it from the iPhone will also be deleted on the iPad or vice versa. Apple's native messaging application comes with more power than ever before.

Apple Pay to make payments between friends

Another new feature of iOS 11 is Apple Pay Cash will serve to receive or send money to friends in a comfortable way , according to the latest information will arrive in Spain soon .

Camera and photos

The application of the camera now brings new filters with which you are going to give a new air to your captures. You can create Live Photos loops, which will make your captures something more interesting . The new HEVC and HEIF video format that manages to store your captures and moments occupying much less space .

Enhanced Apple Maps

The Apple Maps app will update with iOS 11 to provide you with new information such as airports or shopping malls and will include speed limits or which lane you need to follow to follow navigation directions similar to Google Maps.

Do not disturb while driving

Another new feature of iOS 11 is the Do Not Disturb feature , which is designed to block incoming calls, text messages and notifications while you're driving, to prevent accidents with device distractions .


It is possible to configure Siri commands to turn on the lights of the room, to charge the iPhone, turn off the TV and everything you can think of. Your home becomes a more comfortable and efficient .

AirPlay 2

The main innovation Apple introduces in AirPlay 2 is the ability to relay music from your iOS device to more than one product . AirPlay 2 has " multi-room " support, that is, it allows you to send audio to multiple speakers at the same time. A new protocol clearly focused on Apple TV and HomePod .

Apple Music

You can create public playlists so they can see your contacts and they can add their own songs. You can therefore share your tastes and know each other's .

App Store

The popular application store brings a completely redesigned design that keeps you up-to-date with the latest developments for iOS 11 and the most popular applications . We have at our disposal several tabs that are: Today, games, apps, updates and searches . The App Store now will show you tips and tricks for all kinds of applications and games.

ARKit, the cornerstone

The augmented reality comes directly on iOS 11, something with which Apple is going to go a step further . With this new tool Apple will allow developers to create all kinds of augmented reality experiences. It may seem like a game but it is not .

Archives App

Files not only allows you to manage the files on your device , but also access those you have on other devices in iCloud Drive, and those that are hosted in cloud services.

Siri is cleverer

Apple adds new intelligence to its virtual assistant, Siri, to offer suggestions in different applications. He will also have a more natural voice and will dare to translate from several languages. You can also communicate with her by written language with "Type to Siri".

Burn screen

A very useful new feature, it allows you to record a video of what you are doing with your device and that will be saved on the reel. An exclusive new iOS 11 that will make you talk .


With the Apple Pencil and iOS 11 in the iPad Pro, you can write and draw in the Notes app , screenshots or PDF. In addition, Notes is now very configurable .

New dock

The new iOS 11 dock on the iPad will always be present so you can quickly access the apps that matter most to you. This dock on the new iOS 11 promises, and a lot .

Do you feel like trying the new iOS 11 , and do not want to wait for the final version? You can install your last beta, we tell you how to do it in this simple post . Anyway, it can be officially downloaded on the 19th of this month .

Devices Compatible with iOS 11

  •     iPhone 7
  •     iPhone 7 Plus
  •     iPhone 6S
  •     iPhone 6S Plus
  •     Iphone 6
  •     iPhone 6 Plus
  •     iPhone SE
  •     Iphone 5s
  •     Second-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro
  •     12.9-inch first generation iPad Pro
  •     10.5-Inch iPad Pro
  •     9.7 inch iPad Pro
  •     iPad Air 2
  •     iPad Air
  •     iPad 5th generation
  •     iPad Mini 4
  •     iPad Mini 3
  •     iPad Mini 2
  •     iPod Touch 6th generation 

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