iOS 11 also filters the colors of Apple Watch 3 -


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Sunday, 10 September 2017

iOS 11 also filters the colors of Apple Watch 3

Firmware leaks are a real mine, as they have found references to two new colors of the Apple Watch. It is likely that these appear next Tuesday at the Apple event, we already have more than marked in red this date in the calendar .

It seems Apple Watch Series 3 will come with a new "Blush Gold" color for aluminum sports watches and a new one called "Ceramic Gray" for the Apple Watch Edition. These references certainly seem to point to the new Watch models under development, but it is not a sure guarantee that the new finishes will be sold next week .

Nor can you discern from the discovery how the new colors fit the Apple Watch line if "Ceramic Gray" would replace the "White Ceramic Edition", since it is something that is not completely clear. The inclusion of an Apple Watch "Blush Gold" Watch is particularly interesting as there are rumors of a new golden hue for the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8.

The new color is a darker shade than the golden color that Apple has produced so far with its offers of gold or rose gold. Given this leak or leak, it appears that the company will release a new Apple watch in the same matching color along with the iPhone update. We have already seen a photo of a new Apple Watch with red crown enabled for LTE and details on how users will connect their clocks to a cellular data plan.

It seems that the new Apple watch may include biometric sensors that would integrate with the application Salud and will be presented along with the iPhone 8 at the next Apple event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park. We will be here to tell you all the news that is produced and you do not miss anything at all. We will wait for you.

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