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Thursday, 21 September 2017

iOS 11: Bad and good news for your iPhone battery

Apple released yesterday the new version of its popular operating system: iOS 11 . As an added curiosity, in the first minute of life of this new operating system, there were more iPhones and iPads updated than anything that has achieved the latest version of Android so far. But we will not explain that right now. iOS 11 is loaded with many new features, improvements of old functions and solution to bugs that have been bothering for a long time. Unfortunately, not everything is good news.

First of all: when you first install an update on your iPhone, the phone will probably slow down a bit and the battery will run out sooner rather than later. This is related to new processes added to iOS that we neither see nor can deactivate and with the simple fact that the phone is used more while you are exploring all their new functions.

The battery in this operating system is optimized and for many people will be improved, the problem is that iOS 11 does not appear to have any improvement in the consumption of the battery for other users, rather the opposite.

Battery problems on iOS 11 

If we look a bit for different social networks like Facebook or Twitter, we can find thousands of publications of people complaining about the battery of your iPhone after upgrading to iOS 11. Virtually all these criticisms come from people who already had iOS 11 installed, but there are also many others who installed it just yesterday.

Obviously, all these problems are being reported especially on older "iPhone" models , such as the iPhone 6s or the iphone 6s Plus. There are also some iPhone 7 users in warfare, but there are not as many as in the other devices.

If you are one of the affected, surely you want a solution. Unfortunately you can not do much, rather than disable some applications running in the background or removing location services (all available from the iOS settings, of course). There are many other tricks that can help you improve your battery , and surely you will be interested in doing them, because until Apple does not release a version 11.1 or similar, your battery will continue to drain like never before.

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