iOS 11 consumes the battery of your iPhone or iPad twice as fast -


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Sunday, 24 September 2017

iOS 11 consumes the battery of your iPhone or iPad twice as fast

We are not going to fool you, iOS 11 is a real wonder in terms of news and possibilities to make our iPhone (and especially iPad) more useful. However, it has a couple of details that we do not like too much: the first is the peculiar management of our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity from the Control Center and the second is its brutal battery consumption .

What, you have not noticed? Can not be! If you've been that 10% that has been encouraged to upgrade to iOS 11 from last Tuesday, surely you have had to perceive that your battery was running faster , because according to an analysis made by the mobile security firm Wandera, it does it twice as fast as iOS 11.

iOS 11 devours the battery twice as fast as iOS 10

To determine what kind of effect iOS 11 produces on Apple devices, Wandera analyzed the consumption of 50,000 users considered moderate to intensive , so they were able to find out how the autonomy of their iPhone or iPad changed with the update.

According to his data, the average time it takes a user to switch from 100% battery to 0% with iOS 10 with a continuous use is 240 minutes. This same calculation for iOS 11 returns an overwhelming result of 96 minutes. That's 60% less, come on, since you have an old Apple terminal , you're going to notice it brutally: you'll be stuck in a plug. Another alternative is to go back to iOS 10 .

Obviously, with the new devices iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, these numbers will improve significantly, but not much else. And it is that yes, its batteries will be new, but they are not much more powerful than those of the iPhone 7 (although its energy management is more efficient). In any case, you have the device that you have, we recommend that you follow our advice to save battery in iOS 11 .

Via | BGR 

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