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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8: How do they differ?

The iPhone 8 has arrived. A device that actually has many similarities to its predecessor and would fit better with the name of: iPhone 7s . However it is a new Apple device , what includes this new iPhone to win the title of 8 without going through the 7s?

No doubt we are facing a new generation of iOS devices, but how is this possible if it is virtually identical to the iPhone 7? It is true that Apple has been alternating main version with design change and improved version with the same design, but this year has broken the cycle since this new iPhone has much more hidden inside .


If we look at Apple specifications, both cameras look very similar. Without going too far, we are facing two identical cameras except for a couple of details . The new camera of the iPhone 8 features a True Tone flash with four LEDs and slow sync, while the iPhone 7 does not have this type of synchronization. In addition, portrait lighting is available in this new device , which allows us to change the illumination of a photo in portrait mode thanks to the new Bionic A11 processor.

This talking about photos, but in video we can find some improvement also in the iPhone 8. For starters, we will be able to record videos in 4K of up to 60 fps unlike the iPhone 7. We will also be available the slow motion of 240 fps with quality 1080 as well the recordings in this mode will look much better than on the iPhone 7.

In the case of the front camera there is no difference, we will find the same component in both devices . Apparently Apple did not believe that the front camera of the iPhone had to be improved in this "new generation" of devices.


Performance is very important in a phone and in the case of iPhone 8 we find the greatest improvement at this point. The new A11 Bionic chip far surpasses the previous A10 Fusion . This new processor from Apple incorporates the coprocessor of movement M11 and a neuronal motor that allows functions of artificial intelligence.

The new A11 Bionic is not only the most advanced ever created for a smartphone, it is also the most powerful . With its six cores, this processor is 25% faster than the previous generation and 70% more efficient. In addition, unlike the A10, this new processor can run its 6 cores at a time. 

This tremendous power can be easily seen in GeekBench benchmarks . In these we can see how the new processor built into the iPhone X and iPhone 8 far outweighs that of all existing mobiles .

In the case of RAM, we find 2 GB of memory for the iPhone 8 normal and 3 GB for the iPhone 8 Plus . This amount may seem a bit low a priori, but given the few resources that usually require iOS is more than enough.


As we can see on the same page Apple, the battery of the iPhone 8 "lasts more or less the same as the iPhone 7 Plus . " This translates into 21 hours of talk time, 13 hours of internet browsing, 14 hours of video playback and 60 hours of audio playback. The numbers were not bad on the iPhone 7 and certainly still good on this new iPhone .

Luckily, this is not the only thing that concerns the battery with this new device. In the iPhone 8 we also have fast charging , this can charge 50% of the battery in just 30 minutes. We also have wireless charging, which works with the Qi standard.


" The iPhone 8 is the same as the iPhone 7. " This statement is true and false at the same time, since the shape of the new iPhone 8 and the size is exactly the same as the old device , the construction materials are different and have nothing to do with typical aluminum.

This new iPhone incorporates reinforced glass in both the front and back of the device. This crystal gives a brighter appearance, also allows wireless charging and provides extra strength.

As we see, the new iPhone 8 is not so different from the iPhone 7 but they are not identical either. Both the design and the interior has changed a lot and in the case of this new device we find the best processor on the market . Yes, it could go through an iPhone 7s easily, but we have a new device much improved over the old iPhone 7, so it also deserves the name of iPhone 8. 

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