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Saturday, 9 September 2017

iPhone, iPad, iMac ... This is what the "i" Apple means

We've seen it so many times ... iMac , iPod , iTunes , iPhone , iPad , iOS ... The iconic "i" of the names of the different products Apple has marketed for years has marked a time since the presentation of the iMac in 1998. But how was he born? What does it really mean?

There are many theories and many rumors circulating on the Internet about some of Apple's most iconic aspects: its logo, the square of the home button, its own business name and, of course, the "i" of its products.

Some users believe that the "i" means Internet, many others believe that it has no meaning but it is a simple trademark to boost marketing. But today we have found the answer.

At a special Apple event in 1998, as we mentioned previously, Steve Jobs introduced the iMac. It was then that he explained the actual connection between the "i" and the "Mac" .

What does "i" really mean for Apple products?

During the Steve Jobs conference at the iMac presentation, Apple co-founder explained that the "iMac came from a marriage between the excitement of the Internet and the simplicity of the Macintosh."

That said, it is very clear that the omnipresent and iconic "i" prefix of the iPhone, iPad and iMac comes from the "Internet", right? No, there are still more.

Steve Jobs listed a series of words that completely defined the relationship between Apple devices and their user experience, explaining the meaning of the "i" of the iMac:

  • Internet
  • Individual
  • Instruct
  • Report
  • Inspire

When Apple introduced the iPod to the world, they probably did not choose their name solely by taking into account the word "Internet", but the other words mentioned above. But after the launch of the first iPhone, the company brought back the original meaning of the "i" in a device specially designed to enhance communication on the Internet .

Introducing the iMac in 1998

You can see the conference of the full presentation of the 1998 iMac in the following video. Steve Jobs explains the meaning of the "i" from the 16:00 minute:

Since then, the vast majority of Apple products have adopted the prefix "i" in their nomenclature, representing the brand of the company. Do you like the name of Apple products? Do you think the "i" could have some other hidden meaning?

Via | Mashable

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