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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

iPhone Latte, the Perfect Drink for Coffee and iPhone Lovers

Fashions as a sociological phenomenon are simply exceptional . We are in the throes of food trucks, beards, gin tonics, hamburgers and designer coffees, things that are fairly everyday (I do not need to tell you that today the glamorous food truck comes from the ice cream factory in your town in summer in a van) that suddenly become the most chic in the world, everyone becomes expert and start to charge you more for something you have been consuming your whole life. Or in the case of the beard ... even Jesus Christ had a beard!

As a good old man that I am, I could spend hours protesting these fashions, but I will not do it because the truth is that I see their point. And is that with so much effort, something as simple as a beard or a coffee, can improve thanks to fashionable. But sometimes he simply curls the curl to inexplicable points .

Let's focus on the coffee. Aside from black coffee lovers like the future of jack connections, until years ago coffee in bars was generally quite bad: strong, no aroma, very liquid ... it is clear that for tastes, colors. But its laxative effect was unquestionable. In the fashion of the cafes , milk foams were suddenly introduced, such as cinnamon, caramel, brown sugar ... Suddenly the coffee was rich!

Later, they went a step further and the more skillful began to draw on the surface of the coffee with the foam, a heart-shaped detail, an initial ... whatever. But the last shout has been to change the cups. We do not have porcelain enough, now we can find a good coffee in an avocado shell or (cling to the chair): inside an iPhone case, the last cry for Apple fans .

You've read well, you can already enjoy your favorite coffee in the box of your favorite mobile , and with the iconic Apple bite apple drawn with foam, is called iPhone latte. Fortunately, the mobile is not included, we already know that the iPhone currently does not tolerate very well their immersion in liquids and doing it in coffee would be a stupid eccentricity. How do you stay? Dead!

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