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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

iPhone X, all the news

The iPhone x is here! After a long wait of months full of rumors and speculations where we could see dozens of prototypes and impressive functions, today we will know the new Apple flagship in detail, because Tim Cook will show us in action, as well as tell us their specifications, date of sale, features ... come on, everything we want to know.

There is no doubt that the iPhone X is called to mark an era . So that you do not miss anything of the event, we recommend that you read our complete guide of the keynote and we inform you how to follow it live , wherever you are. But in the meantime, in this article we will outline how the iPhone X will be.

iPhone X: features, specifications, price, date of sale ...


The iPhone X will feature a completely new design for Apple, which does not change the aesthetics of its terminals since 2014. For the first time, we will see a screen that occupies almost the entire front , except for the already iconic ears that will allow integration of all sensors so that FaceID is accurate and perfect selfies. In theory, the size would be between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, but with the largest screen thanks to the absence of frames. Of course, there will no longer be Home button, which will be replaced by a customizable status bar.

Another new feature is the construction material: the iPhone X returns to the glass as it already did with the iPhone 4 , but it does for a reason, enable wireless charging. Look at their cameras: they are now in vertical position to optimize their work in landscape mode.


The screen occupies the entire front and today will occupy all the headlines . For the first time, it will feature the latest technology of OLED panels manufactured by Samsung where the contrast and color will acquire another level. In addition, it will have more resolution, it will be more efficient from an energetic point of view.


No more party for Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi ... who were breastfeeding their Snapdragon 835. From today, there is a new sheriff in town . It is called A11 and is the most powerful and fastest processor in existence . But is that, in addition to powerful is efficient. And it has 6 cores, 4 of which are high performance and 2 of them high efficiency, so the iPhone X goes like a shot. 

Thanks to the A11 and iOS 11, no one gets their hands on the head with the 3GB of RAM because yes, they will be more than enough . As for storage capacity, it seems that the 512 GB was an uncertain rumor and we probably find 32, 128 and 256 GB.

IPhone X Specification Table 

iPhone X
Dimensions 143.4 x 70.77 x 7.51 mm
screen OLED Technology
Battery Determined. Fast charging and wireless charging
Processor A11 4 + 2 cores
OS iOS 11
Storage 32/128/256 GB
Wristwatch Main 12 MP, True Tone and 4K Recording :: 7 MP Secondary with 3D Sensor for Face ID
Others Face ID, wireless charging, water and dust resistance IP68, stereo speakers, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer
Departure price Approximately 1,000 euros


If iPhone has a weak point, that's the battery. And it seems that with the iPhone X that problem has passed to better life . In theory, Apple has optimized the interior of the device to implement SLP technology , has increased its efficiency as it is already holy and sign in Cupertino and although better late than never, finally there will be charging using inductivity wireless , we will, like Apple's Watch. However, it is speculated that it will be sold separately and will be released later.

Get ready for the revolution . Aside from the dual camera's vertical layout, Apple has integrated a pack of up to 3 sensors in the front for FaceID, Augmented Reality and selfies to enhance its capabilities in this regard.

If yours are the numbers , the latest leak revealed that the iPhone X will feature a 12MP rear with support for video in 4K at 60 FPS and 1080p at 240 FPS. For the front camera, a 7MP camera with 1080p video support at 30 FPS is expected.

When you can buy it 

If we follow the calendar Cupertino scrupulously, you can reserve the iPhone X from September 15 , that is Friday. Based on that, just a week later you can pick it up or buy it at authorized stores and Apple Stores. That is, the 22 of September. However, it is speculated that Apple has a limited stock and there could be delays.


Innovation has a price, and probably the iPhone X is not cheap. Everything points to the iPhone X will exceed the thousand euros , however will depend on its configuration. In addition, it is also speculated that it could come with a special Apple Music plan and extra iCloud storage . 

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