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Sunday, 17 September 2017

iPhone X Gold Edition: a luxury smartphone with 24 carat gold

The iPhone X is the most expensive Apple smartphone of all time. The company has incorporated a host of new hardware components that make the iPhone X extremely expensive.

It is, almost, a luxury product. If you are thinking of buying an iPhone X , then you may want one of the most expensive and luxurious models on the market ...

Introducing the iPhone X Elite 24k Gold Edition . That's right, an iPhone X transformed into a gold smartphone. And yes, it's real gold, it's not just a golden color.

iPhone X Elite 24k Gold Edition

The smartphone was recently introduced by Goldgenie company, we are talking about an iPhone X coated with 24 carat gold. It is possible to customize its color, the available options are: gold, pink gold and platinum metal.

As with the iPhone 7 Diamond , the product is sold in a wooden box with a cherry oak finish . An extra touch of glam for an iPhone X gold specially designed for rich.

If you are thinking of buying these luxury models of iPhone X you will need to know that their price is really high. The 256GB model costs $ 3,700 and the 64GB model costs $ 3,570 .
Official iPhone X prices

The Apple iPhone X is expensive, yes, but its cost is totally justified. All the new features implemented in the terminal (wireless charging, fast charging, augmented reality, face recognition, new design, etc.) make the smartphone of the tenth anniversary have these prices:

  •     iPhone X 64 GB: $ 999 / 17,725.66 Mexican pesos / 1,159 euros
  •     iPhone X 256 GB: $ 1,149 / 20,385.96 Mexican pesos / 1,329 euros 

If you are willing to pay these amounts for an iPhone ... Why not buy a luxury iPhone X with 24 carat gold? What do you think about this product? Is it crazy? Do you think they have gone too far? 

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