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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Let's go for the weekend with these free apps

Yes finally. we already have a fantastic weekend ahead that promises. We are already willing to give up our routine and set in motion our special plans. It can be from an excursion to the mountain to a dinner with friends. Meanwhile, we present applications and games that are free for a limited time .

Sudoke Infinite

Sudoku Infinite is an excellent Sudoku game that allows you to access a multitude of crossword puzzles. You will not find 2 times with it since they are generated totally randomly. You will never tire of the application thanks to the infinite possibilities that it will propose to you.

Phone Drive

Phone Drive lets you store, view and manage files on your iPhone or iPad. You can connect to Phone Drive from any Mac or PC over the Wi-Fi network and transfer files by dragging and dropping files directly from the Finder or Windows Explorer. It is PDF reader, music player, image viewer, voice recorder, text editor, file manager and support most of the file operations: such as delete, move, copy, email, share, zip, unzip and more.

FlightReady E6B

Any pilot in the room? FlightReady E6B includes 3D Touch support and multitasking, and contains more than 80 aviation functions, conversions and utilities.


▸ Ground speed.

▸ True course.

▸ Compass.

▸ Distance.

▸ Required fuel and its flow.

▸ Resistance.

Abdominal Training at Home

You want to have a flat stomach, but it costs. The amount of training and the time required to perform the exercises, will increase with each passing day. Following the simple instructions, and correctly performing all the techniques, you will have a strong and balanced body, necessary for health and to be able to perform any physical activity. In the application shows a specially designed program with all the necessary instructions to help shape your abs .

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