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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Making an iPhone X costs less than 350 euros

These days, thanks to the official presentation of Apple and the large number of videos and articles that have been published in the network, we have been able to know more closely the new iPhone X. The next big phone of Apple, a device thought to leave behind finally everything that anchored its line of smartphones in a comfortable past. The iPhone X is the great beginning of a new era for Apple, in which we will finally be able to see real innovations, again.

In fact, this particular iPhone, designed to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the line , is one of the most innovative that the company has manufactured to date. Not just for design, it had already become a trend before it was announced. But by the components that this new device has in its interior, which, in some cases, will be used for the first time with the iPhone X.

The price of the iPhone X does not consist only of its parts 

But, as you will know, every novelty has its price. One that the "Early Adopters" paid with gusto in many cases. And we have already been able to know what Apple will really cost each of the components of your new phone. To tell the truth, we did not imagine that it reached such a total figure , although it is not something that surprises us too much. At a cost of $ 412.75, this is the most expensive iPhone in the history of the line as far as manufacturing is concerned.

As always, at this price, which would be about 344 euros, we must add various fixed costs, such as production and distribution . And, of course, we must also take into account R & D expenses, marketing ... All this would make the final price reach the much feared 1149 euros that costs the 64GB version of the iPhone X. Now, the question is that Apple does not manufacture its products thinking that they are going to fail. If you put the iPhone X that price, it is precisely because there is going to be someone who will buy it.

And you, will you be one of the users to buy the new iPhone X?

Via | UrbanTecno 

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