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Friday, 29 September 2017

Minimalist and artistic wallpapers for your iPhone and iPad

Modern art is quite complicated. Images, sculptures or songs that we do not understand or are very difficult to understand, but which may have a hidden, deep and inspiring background that the author has wanted to give. Undoubtedly, this type of art always gives thought.

Referring to the images, sometimes they can be colored, sometimes we find them dull and dark. We also have them in very complex and detailed forms or, as it is trend lately, with few details and minimalists . These types of images explain something with as little as possible , try to describe a concept or a feeling with the least they can use.

Sure, you can think: "This has been drawn by someone lazy with the computer", in some cases you will not go wrong, since this type of art is not too complicated to perform. However, in many cases they have details in mind that at first glance they go unnoticed by the human eye , for example: the sizes of the geometric figures, the distances between the objects or the edge, the colors ...

If you like this type of art, surely you'll be happy to see this, as we have prepared a series of wallpapers for your iPhone and iPad with minimalist images of modern artists . If you did not know this art or never liked it, I invite you to give it a chance this time with this compilation. You never know what work may surprise us , but it is true that the placement of the elements of these wallpapers and the colors they incorporate are a break for the mind.

Minimalist wallpapers for anyone who wants them

Without much more to say, here you have the best wallpapers of this style that we have found. If any of them you like, just give it to the "Download" button that you will find just below them . Once you have it, the big photo will appear in a new browser tab, just click on share and select "Save photo on spool" , or directly you can set it as wallpaper. Easier impossible.

What do you think of modern art? Did you know these minimalist images?

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