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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

New Apple Watch Series 3, features and price

On April 24, 2015, the world knew the Apple watch . This little device called Apple Watch, has been in charge of making our sport life easier since then . It has been two years since then and exactly today in the Apple keynote, we have been able to see the new generation of this wearable: the Apple Watch Series 3.

The new Apple Watch Series 3 will undoubtedly be the best friend of your iPhone , as it comes loaded with improvements that, although not being too noticeable, are greatly appreciated. In addition, this cupertino wearable update is also called Apple Watch LTE , thus giving a clue about the most striking new feature that incorporates the device.

The new Apple Watch Series 3 is more independent than ever 

This smartwatch is not much different from its predecessor physically , except for a new enhanced screen and a red circle on its digital crown . The latter certainly stands out above all else, since a red dot in a terminal of the same color is quite striking.

In addition, we find several points on the outside of the watch that are used as an antenna by Apple Watch itself . This antenna will provide us with a full 4G connection, which will use the same phone number as the iPhone. Luckily, if we worry that the watch consumes too much data, the 4G can be easily deactivated from the iPhone Control Center itself.

With the new 4G connection, the Apple smartwatch can be used independently . You will no longer need an iPhone for the clock to work. Also, the quality of calls using smartwatch will improve considerably. 

Keep in mind that the connection to the iPhone will continue to be carried out using Bluetooth, which will result in a higher battery consumption by Apple Watch as you now need to keep 2 antennas running at the same time. Fortunately, the new Apple Watch incorporates an improved battery that will allow us to not have to charge it during the night , being able to control with much more precision the quality of our dream.

We also have an improved processor and microphone that allow for faster and better interaction with Siri , as well as unprecedented audio quality during hands-free calls.

watchOS 4 

So many new features will surely need a custom-built operating system. The new watchOS 4 introduced in June's WWDC was available for download from before the new Apple Watch was introduced. This new version of the system adds some more areas, improvements in Siri as well as in the "Activity" application .

We can also use a new function that allows us to synchronize the clock with the gym equipment , in this way the device improves its ability to measure our daily activity and helps us to stay healthy day by day.

In addition, with the new operating system, the Apple Watch will be able to give a warning when the heart of the user can too fast and without exercise, so it will be easier to detect possible heart disease. 

Of course, we also have minor changes like an improvement in the response of some applications, improvements in the interface, the possibility of using Apple Pay Cash with the same Apple Watch and a redesign of the music application.

The new straps for the Apple Watch 

Although the design of the case is very similar to the one we had in the Apple Watch Series 2, it also means that all the straps compatible with the previous watches will now also be with the new device . You will not need to buy that expensive strap you bought for your old Apple Watch.

On the other hand, the new device brings with it new elegant straps that will allow us to adapt the watch more to us. These new straps we can choose when buying stainless steel models or, of course, can be purchased separately , although many of these will be exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Watch Series 3 Price

Products that carry a bite apple stuck in your design are usually not cheap. Luckily for Apple, they are still coveted and always sell well. The price of the Apple Watch Series 3 will range from 399 euros for the version without 4G antenna and 499 for the version with mobile connectivity . 

The new Apple Watch 3 is a significant update of Apple's wearable and is certainly an option to consider if you are interested in acquiring a smartwatch . We can make our own from the 22 of September or reserve it on the 15th of this same month.

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