No, Apple does not slow down their iPhone by the way: the bulo that are created in Android -


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Friday, 29 September 2017

No, Apple does not slow down their iPhone by the way: the bulo that are created in Android

Users of both iOS and Android operating systems often live in an eternal "I say - you respond" or a "well you", sometimes something comical. Those who are users of the bite apple accuse those of Android the famous "lag" of these terminals or unexpected closures. They however respond with the hint that from the brand itself the older terminals are purposely slowed down.

The truth is that this hypothesis is something that does not have much foundation. We know that lucky enough to own an Apple device is that its software is designed specifically for that device. The fact that it is so allows an iPhone with one year to another to continue to work quite well.

This Tuesday, September 19, iOS 11 , the latest version of the operating system, was released. We already know that the iPhone 5 stays out of this update . We are talking about a terminal that began selling in September 2012. That is, it is already 5 years old.

Apple purposely slows down your iPhone? No, it's a bad thing he's had some androids. The evolution of the applications themselves, increasingly heavy and complex , need more memory and operating systems capable of moving a whole series of complex commands. The slowdown in the digital world is inevitable.

What's more, it affects both systems. The iPhone do not age badly , and besides that Apple, and I think no one, does anything to make it worse, because it would be quite absurd. Perhaps we could say that it is the very applications and the developments of increasingly complex operating systems that are killing the phone.

What do you think about this situation? Do you have any surviving iPhone that proves that Apple does not kill its terminals? We will be happy to read your opinions. 

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