No, neither the apps nor the webs will be cut by the ears of the iPhone X -


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Friday, 22 September 2017

No, neither the apps nor the webs will be cut by the ears of the iPhone X

After the launch of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X , users began to saturate the networks talking about how the zone of sensors of the new iPhone X would obstruct the vision of the content in the device.

Far from being so, Apple has saved an ace in the sleeve , no application is going to get intruded in those margins of the device, reason why can not get to cut videos or documents by the ears of the iPhone X. How has this solved the apple bite company?

The Internet has been populated with jokes

Before this doubt of the users, to know if its new and expensive iPhone was going to go where it should not, they began to throw a great amount of memes and images. What less to laugh than despair! .

After this review for the realm of humor, let's go to the kit of the question . What will happen to our content not to be cut by the sensors.
Apple innovates with many "buts"

It is true that we do not have to suffer when buying the iPhone X because we are going to lose content on our screen, simply because the content is bounded in other margins , very different from those we see visually.

Unlike its top competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple's new device does not take advantage of the entire screen it owns. It's as if we had iPhone 8 frames but transparent. 

When you open an application on your new iPhone X you will see that the color frames on the top have increased drastically compared to your other iPhone . On the bottom we do not stay short, because to include the scroll bar that replaces the Start button, we should lose some screen. This is a completely normal thing, which also means less space than the Touch ID used to occupy.

Yes, your conclusion is correct. Despite the huge diagonal screen we have the new iPhone X takes advantage of "little" of it leaving us stupefied .

The idea of ​​Apple is to take advantage of the Safe Zone and that in the rest of the screen extends in the background of the app in question or that they put black bands in the video playback. Something a little ... something very little Apple.

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