No news stops, arrives the ninth beta of iOS 11 for developers -


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Friday, 1 September 2017

No news stops, arrives the ninth beta of iOS 11 for developers

As you can see, Apple's machinery has gone back to full speed. It seems that they have come rested from the holidays, because only one day in September, they have decided to unveil the date and place of the great event of September. A presentation that seems like one of the most important since the presentation of the first iPhone, with the new iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro as the protagonist .

Now, if that were not enough, the iOS development team has decided to launch the ninth beta of its new operating system to developers. We knew it had increased the pace of updates , but we did not think they were going to announce a ninth compilation two weeks into that big event. Anyway, we had to bring it without fail, so here you have it for you to download the new version.

There's almost nothing left for the definitive version of iOS 11 

This update does not seem to have much critical changes inside, something completely normal, considering that the Golden Master, the definitive version, is really close to being released . We will have many corrected bugs, and we can probably find some minor aesthetic changes. It will not be until the event of the iPhone 8 when we finally discover the surprises hidden by the new version.

For those who do not know, this is a developer version , so, for the moment, only those registered in the Apple developer program will be able to access it. Members of the public beta program should wait a little longer, probably a few hours. Also, in the next few hours, we will bring you the latest news from this ninth beta compilation, so do not miss iPadizate by sight.

And what do you like most about iOS 11? 

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