Now you can download WatchOS4. All news -


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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Now you can download WatchOS4. All news

Do you have an Apple Watch? Do not you think Apple should be releasing an update soon? Well you are lucky, because just today, Apple has released the new operating system WatchOS 4 . What incorporates this new system apart from the sphere of Toy Story that is practically what most interested the whole world?

This new operating system for the popular Apple watch adds interesting spheres focused on improving your productivity , such as Siri or "Kaleidoscopic." Of course we will also find different areas such as Toy Story or the "Activity" application.

Get more exercise with WatchOS 4 

The new Apple Watch system wants to focus on improving your health , starting with the Activity app. Each month you will have different challenges with a unique and personalized goal . This improved application will be able to suggest you walk for 15 minutes to complete your daily, awesome movement goal.

Completing a ring in this application will also be a very detailed animation, so the clock will celebrate with you (or without you) that you have achieved your daily goal . We can also see an improvement in the graphics of this application making it more modern and colorful.

Now we will be able to access the "Now Playing" controls during the exercise. This will automatically put our favorite songs and you will have the possibility (totally optional) to activate the Do Not Disturb mode when we start our exercise routine.

Apple Watch will take care of you 

We have improvements in the application "Heart Rate". This renewed application will teach you your pulsations at different times throughout the day , differentiating and marking the moments in which you exercised or simply walked. It will also be able to warn you if your heart is beating too fast while you are at rest.

The Music application has been dramatically improved. Now you can automatically sync frequently or recently added playlists . Music, in addition, now also supports synchronizing multiple playlists for the first time.
How to update?

To update our Apple Watch to this new version, we must go to the tab of our watch, click on General and Software Updates . After doing this we enter the password of the clock and we follow the instructions that will appear by screen in the same iPhone. When the watch has been updated, it will restart a few times.

After this you will have your Apple Watch fully updated. Remember that all Apple watches will be compatible with this new version of WatchOS , so if you are one of the few who bought the Apple Watch Edition Series 1, do not worry, you can update without problems.

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