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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Official prices of the new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

No doubt, Apple's keynote this year has been the most spectacular we've seen to date . Not just for the iPhone X presentation, but for everything else: from the Steve Jobs Theater to Steve Jobs's speech in deferred, not to mention the Apple Watch Series 3 , iOS 11, MacOS High Sierra, Apple TV and of course, the most powerful smartphone that exists: iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus .

And it's that we have been left with our mouths open with everything we've seen at the Steve Jobs Theater. But after opening the mouth, the next thing we are going to open is the wallet . Get ready because everything good has a price and this is not exactly cheap.

Remember that during the Apple keynote we have provided the prices in dollars , to which we have applied the conversion to other currencies with the current change. However, we must take into account that for Spain would have to add the value added tax. Therefore, these are approximate values ​​that would be updated as Apple provides the official prices on the Spanish web.

IPhone Price X

After months and months of speculation, the iPhone X is much better than we expected . Unfortunately the "worst" forecasts have been met and Apple's flagship will cost more than 1,000 euros (remember to include VAT)

Thus, the prices for the iPhone X will be:

  •     iPhone X 64 GB : From $ 999 / 17,725.66 Mexican pesos / 834 euros (approximately)
  •     iPhone X 256 GB : Upgrade pending 

Price iPhone 8

For the more conservative line, Apple has practically opted to retain the prices of previous models , so no surprises. Depending on the configuration we will find:

  •     iPhone 8 64 GB : From 699 dollars / 12,407.18 Mexican pesos / 584 euros (approximately)
  •     iPhone 8 256 GB : Upgrade pending

Price iPhone 8 Plus

In the case of the iPhone 8 Plus, the tone of the iPhone 7 Plus from the previous year remains . Thus, the prices will be:

  •     iPhone 8 Plus: 64 GB : From $ 799 / 14,182.17 Mexican pesos / 677 euros (approximately)
  •     iPhone 8 Plus: 256GB : Upgrade pending

Do not miss all the news of Apple and its keynote in Cp. 

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