Only 20% of people are able to draw the Apple logo from memory -


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Monday, 4 September 2017

Only 20% of people are able to draw the Apple logo from memory

The logos constitute a tool of brand image providencial for a brand, that thanks to its association with a graphic gets an additional attraction that allows him to differentiate and to be noticed between his potential clients. Thus, it is not necessary for anyone to say more, just look at a simple outline of a running horse so that it immediately evokes one of the most desired cars of all time. And that without saying the name. Obviously, Apple being one of the most prized and popular brands on the planet, its apple bite is no exception .

However, although with a single glance we can associate Apple with Apple , our attention span is quite limited. In fact there is more to see how they sneak some blatant imitations simply by putting a similar logo , something that is the same for mobile phones as for handbags.

Therefore, although logos like Apple, Starbucks or Nike are seen by millions of people married day, the details are missing. Or fate, do the test: try to draw any of those logos, you will see that it costs you more than you initially thought. This evidence has just been verified by a new study that reveals that only 16% of people can draw a series of popular logos, a percentage that goes up to 20% in the case of Apple .

And is that more than 600 million people have something Apple , but despite this overwhelming figure, very few know how to draw their iconic apple bite correctly. The most common mistake (in which one in three people fall) is to include the apple's tail, something that does not exist in the Apple logo.

Yes there is a leaf, in fact 75% of people include it, but it is suspended on the block. By the way, 15% of us draw the sheet in the wrong direction. Surprisingly, 84% of the people in the experiment remember that the apple is bitten, but they do not always know which side. And this without taking into account the evolution of the colors of the apple and its ratio of proportions, which is already asking too much.

Have you been able to draw the apple correctly?

Via | Daily Mail 

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