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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Orange starts testing with 5G in Spain

After GPS, GPRS, 2G, 3G and current 4G, the future of telephony goes through the 5G , something that we could already see in the Mobile World Congress. Although it is a matter of time, soon we will enjoy even faster connections. In addition, we also know that Apple is already preparing to squeeze the new connectivity that is coming with their iPhone .

But for this we have to do tests. Therefore, Orange, one of the most powerful telemarketers of the Spanish network, has put to work doing the first trials with the help of Ericcson so that 5G is a reality sooner rather than later in Spanish territory.

In these tests, Orange would emulate the experience of 5G connectivity both in a normal situation where any of us go down the street, and in other disadvantaged situations, such as when we are driving.

The results in both cases have been brutal : while on the street a data transmission of 15 Gbps was achieved, the car was able to see a 4K resolution video without problem. This is a milestone: think that when you drive sometimes you can not hear a whole Spotify song without it being cut.

Following the success, Orange proudly says that this is the birth of a new way of understanding communication on a daily basis and how we use technology . And is that if not too many years we sent SMS and send messages via the internet was a chimera, now we send messages, videos, audios and we get to watch videos and listen to music in streaming with relative quality, but very soon we will enjoy premium quality thanks to 5G connectivity.

Thanks to the infrastructure of powerful and flexible networks and the advances in the internet of things, we go inexorably towards the smart cities. It is only a matter of very little time to enjoy it.

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