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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Organizing your photos on iOS 11

The photos we take with all our iOS devices can become real works of art. Thanks to the simple photography software of our iPhone or iPad added to its advanced hardware , we have some really good cameras in our hands, ready to photograph even the smallest detail . Even the ones we least like to see, although we can always put a few scribbles thanks to the new options of basic editing.

However, although it is one of the simplest cameras, the truth is that it is not especially good ordering our catches. At least, without us having to be using the searcher of the Photos app. Something that should not be the usual, and which, however, is. Or at least it was until the arrival of iOS 11, which has brought with it some new tools and tricks, like the one we bring you today, to improve this situation.

With a couple of gestures, your albums will be clean as a paten 

Now, with the new version of iOS, we will have more options to organize our precious moments in a really easy way. We will simply have to create a new custom album, save in all the files we want, and take advantage of one of the most innovative and expected gestures of iOS 11. That is the drag-and-drop gesture.

From now on, to organize the photos placed in our albums, we will only have to drag them to the place that we want. The only problem is, we will have to do it one by one, because here it does not work dragging several at a time . Sounds really good, does not it? Well this is just one of the secrets hidden by iOS 11 . And we've just started, so do not forget to visit iPadizate, because we're going to show you some pretty interesting things.

And you, will you take advantage of this new trick?

Via | Cult of Mac 

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