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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Our pet deserves the best, and the best is Apple

Let's face it: sometimes we're a bit off the Apple theme . And it is that yes, they have the best mobiles, the best tablets, the best computers, the best watches ... but it is that besides being good, they are beautiful! It seems that the competition has finally realized that design is something important and more and more manufacturers take care of aesthetics.

But yes, it is a reality that we like Apple as much as brand itself as its products. However it is known from a study that 92% of iPhone users do not even consider returning to Android , that is loyalty and not that of your dog, who goes with anyone who caresses or gives him something to eat.

Jo, but what are the poor dogs going to do, if they are pure love, four-legged angels who want us to be us, even if we have had a horrible day, have been fired from work, left the bride or we are a failure person (you are not). Dogs are the best friend of man and woman, with permission from the iPhone .

That's why we want the best for them. The best in food, health, entertainment and why not say it: we also want Apple. How? Well come on okay, this twittera has gone a little bit of the hands, but let's recognize that it is a fondness frikada : You have bought your sweet little yorkshire a MacBook Mini (but real mini) to sit next to you and work.

Or good, sit next to the toy computer and just lick what is closest to him . No matter, what is really relevant are these beautiful photographs that has dared to upload to Twitter, which of course have become viral.

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