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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Our round of free apps for this weekend

That we have a Saturday and a Sunday ahead does not mean that we leave you aside, not at all. In CP we do not rest and we bring you, besides the hottest news, the applications and games that only this weekend will be free , so do not wait for Monday and please download them. Come with them, we hope you like them as much as we do.


Start your survival game on endless randomly generated maps or create your own worlds from blocks with thousands of random players or online friends in multiplayer mode . Build what you can dream for yourself or with many other online users in real time

Motorsport Manager Handheld

We are possibly facing the best racing simulator you can find in the App Store. Design your strategies, the pit stops, the unforeseen weather and the accidents. If the engine is your passion, this is your game .

Shrink image - Reduce Photo Size

If you have space problems on your iPhone or iPad this application may be useful. Reduce and compress the size of your image files so you do not have to worry about space. You can decide how much you want these images to be reduced . Very useful and effective.


Color images instantly. It's super fast and very easy. All you have to do is touch the color you want to highlight. Depello makes it possible to create stunning images that were originally grayscale with just one touch .

Frugi - Personal Finance Manager

Using Frugi, you can simply manage all your payments and income . Frugi has been designed in an intuitive way that will allow you to manage your budget without instructions. In three seconds, you can enter an operation and all calculations will be performed automatically. It should be noted that you would need a considerably longer amount of time to write everything down on paper, even if you do not do any calculations.

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