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Monday, 25 September 2017

Problems on the iPhone 8: What is that noise in the calls?

The first problems related to the iPhone 8 and Apple iPhone 8 Plus , the two smartphones that the company has recently launched to the market, begin to emerge.

Many users have reported that there are very strange and intermittent noises during calls on the device. The problems have been concretely in the iPhone 8 Plus and in Australia, the United States and Europe.

According to iPhone 8 Plus users' reports, the noises of the calls "are very annoying". These noises can be heard from the speakerphone itself for calls , but are not heard when using headphones, or when the handsfree function is activated.

It could be a defect in the speakers

If the strange sounds are also heard in the headphones, it could be an indication that it is a simple software problem that could be solved with an update of the operating system. But this is not the case, we are sure that these speakers are defective in certain units of iPhone 8 Plus.

The problem occurs in Wi-Fi calls, with 4G activated and deactivated, and even with the noise reduction options activated in the Accessibility section of Settings. Since Apple recommend a factory restore to the terminal, but the results of consumers who have reported the problem are very varied. For some this solves the problem, but for others it does not.

So, you know, if you recently purchased an iPhone 8 Plus make all kinds of calls (including video calls via FaceTime) to see if your device has this problem. Remember that you have two weeks to test all the functions of the iPhone 8 Plus and return it if you have a technical problem.

Although, as is often the case unfortunately in this type of case, it has been several users who have commented that after replacing their iPhone 8 Plus with another unit, the problem persists.

Source | Macrumors 

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