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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Repair the iPhone 8 case will be more expensive than the screen

The new iPhone 8 does not change much in design regarding the iPhone 7, what we can more easily see of this new terminal, is the rear glass. Apparently, the new glass built into the iPhone 8 will be more expensive to repair than the same screen of the phone taking the AppleCare + service , costing more than 99 euros repair this.

With this extended version of AppleCare, we will have two replacement options for the crystals, the front (screen) 29 dollars and the rear 99 dollars. From here, any damage produced on the iPhone will cost more than 350 euros in the 8 and more than 400 euros in the 8 Plus . Basically, this means you do not have to break your screen too many times, or you'll leave a lot of money. AppleCare + (which is not yet available in Spain) costs around $ 129 for the iPhone 8 and $ 149 for the iPhone 8 Plus.

How much will it cost on the iPhone X? 

We do not have the price of spare parts for the iPhone X, but we know Apple will charge $ 199 for its AppleCare + for this device , yet the company has not specified how much it will cost to replace a broken glass in this one . We can easily imagine that changing this screen with the AppleCare + will cost more than $ 29, since this terminal uses a larger and more expensive OLED screen.

In the case of the back of this future iPhone X, it is difficult to say if it will cost more than the iPhone 8 , since the size of this iPhone is not bigger than the 8 Plus. However being a superior range and being a more premium terminal, it may cost more than $ 99.

Be that as it may, the most important thing is to protect our phone and not break it . Accidents happen and are beyond our control, but it can be actively prevented with covers and screensavers so that the life of our phone will be extended for several years.

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