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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Rumors about the new iPhone X, will all be fulfilled?

The new iPhone X is almost here , and we'll see if it ends up calling iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Edition, or something else, but one thing is clear: we are probably facing one of the biggest updates Apple has made to its line phones.

Rumor about him has been brutal this year, and if you have not been aware of what has been said do not worry, we have prepared this list with the rumors from more to less possible .

The most rumored rumors of the iPhone X

New design

The biggest change in the iPhone X will be a revolutionary design. It seems that Apple is going to drastically transform the front of the phone with an OLED screen without bevel which is much more in line with what is expected of a modern flagship in 2017. That means it will be more in line with the Galaxy S8, Mi Mix 2 or the LG V30, instead of continuing with Apple's current design.

Facial scan camera

The other great upgrade of the iPhone X , which seems almost guaranteed, is a new front camera, which is in a cutout at the top of the screen without bevel.

The main focus of the camera is said to have 3D facial scanning technology, which will be used to unlock the phone simply by looking at it , rather than relying on the fingerprint-based touch-sensing sensor on the current iPhone. But Apple could be leveraging technology for other uses, including automatic notification mute, augmented reality and payments.

Price over 1000 euros

Apple has not drastically changed the prices of its main line of handsets in years. At present, you have the choice between the smallest iPhone 7 for 770, 880 or 990 euros (depending on whether you want 32GB, 128GB or 256GB of storage) and the largest iPhone 7 Plus, which goes until 1130 euros. We could actually be in that price line .

New colors

Along with the new design, the iPhone X is rumored to come in three colors: black, silver or white, and a new tan brown tone. While there is not really a lot of solid evidence that actually confirms what is going to happen, it seems likely that Apple would offer a golden color color for the iPhone X. If it ends up being as strange as some of the different models suggest that remains to be seen.

Wireless charge

It is said that he is finally adding wireless charge to his entire phone line. However, there is a possible drawback: rumors suggest that Apple will use an older, slower version of the Qi load specification and that the company may restrict the load through the Apple MFi accessory program , which could break the dream of a single wireless charging method for all your devices.

Touch ID, yes or no?

With the new screen layout, it seems that the Apple icon will not be on the iPhone X. That leaves us with one of the most important questions, what is happening with the Touch ID? As it stands now, there are three options:

Apple creates a Touch ID directly on the screen.
Apple moves the sensor to the back of the device, possibly camouflaged in the Apple logo.
Touch ID is not on the iPhone X, which will instead be based on the new facial scanning technology for biometric authorization.
A recent Wall Street Journal report has indicated that the company is eliminating the sensor completely due to production problems, which would seem to put more weight on option three.

Delays in shipping

The last big unanswered question about the iPhone X is when you can buy it. If we go back to the past, Apple would start selling it about a week and a half after the announcement tomorrow , but there are rumors that the supply problems with the iPhone X are so large that the company will not be shipping devices until fall.

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