Run and download these free applications for a limited time -


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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Run and download these free applications for a limited time

We still continue with everything that has brought us the keynote of Tuesday, new clocks, new phones and an operating system that completely abandons the 32 bits. We do not abandon our legion of followers and as every day we bring free applications for limited time for iPhone or iPad.


INKS updates the pinball of an entire generation. It combines the fun of pinball with skillful tactical challenges, and allows you to create painstaking works of art while the ball destroys everything in its path. Blocks of color explode like beautiful fireworks over the surface , creating colorful layers and recording a visual story of the game as you perfect your score.

Tap Cam - Live filters and effects

Tap Cam is the powerful camera with more than 50 filters and live effects to process images in real time. Many useful tools like zoom, automatic delayed release, continuous shooting, image stabilizer and a grid that will help you take amazing pictures.

Glucose Buddy + for Diabetes

The broader application of diabetes management. - Easy recording of blood glucose, medications, meals, in an intake - monitoring trends in blood sugar, insulin, weight, blood pressure, A1C, and more. - Add notes to your entries for future reference - View changes in blood sugar level and carbohydrate intake on an hourly basis.

Gymster Pro - Gym Workouts

If you need to change your routine in the gym, applying changes in your diet, we do not doubt that this application will give you what you need. Looking for specific macro meals? High in fat? Low Carbs? Ketogenic, vegan or vegetarian, Gymster has it all covered .


ClefQuiz is a musical question game designed to help people of all ages learn to read music in any key. With ClefQuiz you have only five seconds to provide the name of the correct note . 

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