Samsung is so afraid of the iPhone Edition that starts earlier with the Galaxy S9 -


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Monday, 4 September 2017

Samsung is so afraid of the iPhone Edition that starts earlier with the Galaxy S9

We are already clear that if Apple finally presents the iPhone Edition in the presentation of the next September 12, it will completely eclipse any release near the date of the event. If now, which has not been officially shown, is being one of the most anticipated phones , we do not want to think about what will happen if it meets everything we have seen over the months. And Samsung does not seem to want to find out either.

So the Korean company would have accelerated the production schedule of the next Galaxy S9, in order not to give too much respite to an iPhone line that is stronger than ever. Apparently, they have not been happy enough with the new Note8, so they are already thinking about getting the next Galaxy as soon as possible. There is the possibility that they return to their usual presentation calendar, where they held a large event at the MWC to launch the phone some time later.

Samsung already has it all planned for the launch of its next Galaxy S9 

All these rumors are born from the changes that have recently occurred in the production of the OLED panels of Samsung phones. Apparently, this would begin in November, two months ahead of last year. The usual thing is that the panels are manufactured before the rest of the components, so it should not surprise us, however, this is an advance large enough to suggest a change of plans in the Samsung roadmap .

If this has been triggered by the launch of the iPhone Edition, is something that only know in the company, but we can make the idea that this type of events are not random . And is that, if there is someone who knows well the repercussion that will have the new phone, it is Samsung himself, who takes part in the production of it.

And you, do you think Samsung has changed its plans due to the new iPhone?

Via | BGR 

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