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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Share three-dimensional GIFs by WhatsApp now

We all enjoyed a good couple of GIFs, all. There is no one to resist the allure of these wonderful moving images that endow our conversation with fun and fluency. Sometimes we can even have a chat without any words, just an eternal GIF war, and it's nice and fine.

However, although it seems that these images can no longer be better than they already are, there is something else: 3D GIFs . Yes, all the fun in your own face.

What is the secret of these GIFs? 

Surely you're wondering how it is possible for a GIF to be represented in third dimension, and the answer is rather simpler than it might seem.

It turns out that just place white bars inside the GIF for our brain to give depth to the image. Another alternative is to place a frame - to the taste of each one, in the example is of Instagram -, so that it seems that part of the image is coming out of its edges. It is undoubtedly a very interesting way to deceive the eye.

Where to get these GIFs

In Reddit we have a complete collection of GIFs like these for you to download and share them with all your friends by WhatsApp, Telegram or wherever you want. Just click here to see the many images that are there.

If the GIFs were already good, now thanks to the help of the same users are much better. You just need a little perspective to see all the benefits it brings to a conversation.

We hope the collection of GIFs is to your liking, and we are almost sure that you have seen more than one GIF in 3D by some of the social networks.

Do you often use GIFs in conversations with your friends? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | Andro4all 

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