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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Siri, what furniture do IKEA buy?

The conference this past September 12 has reminded us of something really important for the Californian company. His commitment to a world without cables is firm . That's why, a year after teaching AirPods, the future of wireless headsets, they have focused on bringing wireless charging technology to all their mobile devices. In fact, not only have they implemented the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, but also have decided to extend the support to their wearables.

Now, not just the new generation of the iPhone, so are the new Apple Watch Series 3, and the AirPods. In the case of the latter, for example, has a little trick. The current headphone box, where we let it load after each music session, is not compatible with the Qi standard . Luckily, that does not mean that you have to buy new AirPods, as other companies have done with other minor news. You simply have to change the box.

But, of course, that change will not be free. You should buy it as if it were an accessory . Some rumors suggest that the cost of this new box with support for wireless charging will be the same as the box without it, as it would replace the latter. In addition, it could also replace it when purchasing the AirPods, so that new buyers of the headphones would have no problem using this technology.

Apple bets on wireless charging, and IKEA wants to lend a hand 

Of course, how do we load our devices, if we do not have a base to do it? And that's where IKEA, the mother of all mountable, the queen of Swedish furniture and the lost screws, duchess of augmented reality . The company has reminded iPhone users that several of its products are already powered by Qi wireless charging technology. From lamps, to simple bases, we can start to enjoy this comfortable technology with one of these furniture from the moment we install it.

In my case, I have one of these products, specifically the Riggad lamp, and I honestly did not realize how accustomed I was to this until my phone broke down, and I was forced to use one without a wireless load. By telling you that one day I got up and found that I was not charged because I had not plugged it in by cable should be enough to give you an idea. So, personally, I would not change it for anything (of what currently exists).

Via | Mashable 

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