Sony shows that the price of HomePod is completely disproportionate -


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Friday, 1 September 2017

Sony shows that the price of HomePod is completely disproportionate

We are in full IFA, one of the main fairs of consumer technology, in which the big companies present their latest developments in the face of a short-medium term. While it is true that it is not usually as interesting as the CES, which shows more long-term plans, if it is good for us to get an idea about what is currently on the market. And, in this case, smart speakers are trend .

That's right, since Amazon started the battle by launching the Amazon Echo with Alexa, the rest of companies have been unable to avoid the same path. Even Apple has fallen into the game, even though they try to cover up their HomePod as a more focused speaker to give a good musical experience . But, what surprised us today, is how Sony, one of the leading brands of premium technology, has faced the new device of the Cupertino.

With this we confirm, the $ 349 that the HomePod costs do not make any sense

The new Sony LF-S50G is a smart speaker that works with Google Assistant, so that we can interact with it through the voice without any problem. In addition, it is a product that is also specially focused on offering quality audio. And, we have to remember that Sony is one of the main references in terms of sound quality, aimed at the most demanding audiences, who would happily pay the price that the company asks for. And that's where the problem comes to Apple.

This device, just to carry the Sony brand, already gives consumers a confidence in this field that, honestly, Apple does not give. If we add that, in addition to being able to operate independently thanks to Google Assistant and gesture control, you can also connect to any device using NFC and Bluetooth, we have a speaker that could well defeat the HomePod. But the BES is not that. The big point of this device is that while the HomePod will cost $ 349, the Sony LF-S50G will cost only $ 199 . Now, HomePod has lost much of its appeal, we will see how it can recover.

And you, what would you prefer, a HomePod or a Sony LF-S50G?

Source | Sony

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