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Sunday, 17 September 2017

"Spaniards, Franco has returned." And it's thanks to Google!

Let us take a background: the law of historical memory dictates that measures must be taken to " remove shields, badges, plaques and other commemorative objects or mentions of personal or collective exaltation, of the military uprising, of the Civil War and of the repression of the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco "in all municipalities. But it seems that Google is not so clear .

Without going further, in Madrid no longer include 52 streets with names Franco, but have been updated in the street with other names that do not hurt the sensitivity. However, the plates are still there, and may continue for a long time . A Francoist association has denounced this process, which is paralyzed pending a resolution.

Well, it was this same association, the "Platform Millán Astray", the same that has achieved the modification in Google Maps. As they say from the association itself:

    "He has had to turn back; just deleted the name of Maestra Justa Freire, name that for three months has been in the application of Google Maps " 

Because Google has not wanted to have problems with anyone (or at least with those who made more noise) and has decided to keep names like General Millán Astray Street, General Moscardó Street or Plaza de Arriba Spain. This association is made up of former legionaries, family members of Francoist personalities and supporters of the extreme right. Surprisingly, some neighbors also did not want to alter the denomination of its street, ignoring to the city council of Madrid.

We will have to see what happens when justice, which is slow but we imagine will be fair, failing in favor of the current law and removing all the symbols of a dictatorship that ravaged the Spanish state for 40 years. We assume that in that case no noisy association can prevent Google from proceeding. In any case, it surprises the little commitment of Google with the freedom and the democracy in favor of "not getting into problems".

Via | Journal of Leon 

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